… The Grand Lodge of New Jersey F&AM recognizes that the use of a Chamber of Reflection is an ancient Masonic practice used by candidates prior to them receiving the Entered Apprentice (“EA”) Degree. Under the direction of M.W. Roger B. Quintana, Grand Master of Masons of the State of New Jersey, the Education and Services committees has published a manual and a guideline for Lodges that wish to incorporate the use of the Chamber of Reflection to follow and abide by. This manual was reviewed and approved by the Grand Instructor, M.W. Larry S. Plasket.
The use of Chamber of Reflection by Lodges is totally voluntarily and the decision of whether to use it or not is determined at a Lodge level by a motion and a vote during any regular communication of the said Lodge. Should a Lodge in New Jersey decide to use this practice for the benefit of its EA candidates, then the Worshipful Master and officers responsible for the creation and maintenance of a Chamber of Reflection must plan and coordinate its use to maintain proper decorum and ensure that the environment is reflective of a solemn and meditative atmosphere. The Lodge’s Chamber of Reflection must be pre-approved by the District Deputy Grand Master of the district in which the Lodge operates.
If your lodge wishes to learn more about the Chamber of Reflection and its use, please contact your District Deputy Grand Master for a copy of the approved guidelines and manual. You can also contact R.W. Mohamad A. Yatim, GEO or any member of the Education and Services committee. …
Guidelines Manual for the Use of The Chamber of Reflection will be available
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