Final call to be placed on the GL of NJ Speakers bureau

– First draft goes out to DDGMs on Friday.


In an effort to provide resources to Worshipful Masters and Lodges that better enable them to hold meaningful and quality educational communications, the Grand Master and Elected Line are promoting the idea of creating a Grand Lodge Speakers Bureau. This list of speakers will be provided to Lodges, so that they can better plan their meetings and promote Masonic Light to the brethren.

We are seeking quality speakers:

If you would like to be considered to be included in the GL Speakers Bureau, please email me the following information

  1. Your Name and title
  2. Your Lodge name and number
  3. Your district
  4. Your email address
  5. Your Phone number
  6.  Topics you can speak on

Lectures can cover a wide range of topics: History, Ritual, Leadership, Life Skills, Symbolism, Philosophy, Management, etc.. as long as they can be related to Freemasonry, and generate membership interest to come out to a meeting, they will be accepted.

Please send your responses directly to me at

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