November 16, 2018

My Brothers,


We have two new lodges in North Jersey. One is in Union City; Esperanza Lodge and the other is Perucho Figueredo in Elizabeth. These were clandestine lodges which are now regular under our Grand Jurisdiction. They are composed of new members, not dual.


Last week we received petitions from another clandestine lodge, Solomon. The petitions are currently being processed at our Grand Lodge office, a one-day class and consecration is scheduled for January. This coming week we will meet for the 2nd time with a group of Brothers who are New Jersey residents. They are New York Masons who have been traveling to New York to meet in the Grand Lodge of New York’s 10th Cosmopolitan District. In addition to the New York Brothers there are several New Jersey Masons who speak Portuguese. They along with these NY Brothers who live in New Jersey want to establish a lodge in the Iron Bound section of Newark. A Lodge serving the large Portuguese speaking community which already includes many masons from clandestine and regular lodges. We are tapping into these communities for good men.


We will soon have 4 new lodges in addition to Sons of Liberty Lodge which is a cosmopolitan lodge. To better serve these lodges I have established a new district, the 6th District. This district will have DLIs specifically geared to working with the new lodges to conform with our rituals, practices and protocol.


There are still many more men in the darkness of clandestine freemasonry which these lodges will attract to the light of regular masonry. We are not the first grand jurisdiction to take this path. The Grand Lodge of New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC are taking similar paths.
This is a great opportunity for growth in our fraternity. When I ran to be your Junior Grand Warden and future Grand Master, I promised to work on education, transparency of Grand Lodge Finances and membership. I continue to labor to fulfill those promises.


Have a blessed Holiday my Brothers.


S & F
MW Roger Quintana
Grand Master



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