Buzz Aldrin on Moon

by RW Michael L Tucker, DDGM Emeritus
February 5th, 2017

Our journey continues! From Volume 1.0 entitled “The Journey”, many of you have contacted
me, opened and shared your hearts, stories and truths. You have chosen to join me on
my journey. So now, by request, “The Journey” has become “Our Journey”. You and I
are not alone, we have accepted and acknowledged we are on “Our Journey”. Welcome

Each of us has a goal. Known or unknown, there is still a goal. Attainable or not, we still have
a goal. Our reach should always be just short of that goal. We each must set a path, a
direction and follow it. Stagnation is an option we should never succumb to.
How does Freemasonry play into this? In order to not succumb, we unconsciously seek
opportunities to grow, to continue our journey. For those of you and me, now trying to
answer the question, “Why are we here tonight?”, Maybe it is to avail ourselves of what
Freemasonry offers us; Sanctuary, Acceptance, Honesty, Camaraderie and most
importantly, Opportunity. Opportunity to be, to be who and what we are, what we are to

Before I became a Freemason, the circle of people I affiliated with was very small. Made
smaller by my fear of being who I was, but rather who I wanted them to believe I was.
This coat of armor I donned each day extended in all directions. After a while, I forgot
who I was as well and instead became what I believed they wanted or expected me to
be. Do you feel that way sometimes, even today? Then, why are you here tonight?
I’ve been a Freemason for over 30 years. Only recently did I choose to be who I am rather than
a mirror of what all of you and others wanted me to be. My children needed a father, my
wife needed a husband, my family needed a brother. You needed a Brother. What did I
need? What do you need? I needed time and a place to ponder! To ponder the important
things that help you transition from now to eternity.

A poem comes to mind; “Last night I knelt where Hiram knelt” by an unknown author. It reads:

Last night I knelt where Hiram knelt and took an obligation.
Today I’m closer to my God and I’m a Master Mason.

Tho’ heretofore my fellow men seemed each one like the other.
Today I search each one apart; I’m looking for “My Brother.”

And, as I feel his friendly grip, it fills my heart with pride;
I know that while I’m on the square that he is on my side.

His footsteps on my errand go if I should such require;
His prayers will plead in my behalf if I should so desire.

My words are safe within his breast as though within my own;
His hand forever at my back to help me safely home.

Good counsel whispers in my ear and warns of any danger;
By square and compass, brother now; who once would call me stranger.

I might have lived a moral life and risen to distinctions
Without my brother’s helping hand and fellowship of Masons.

But God, who knows how hard it is to resist life’s temptations.
Knows why I knelt where Hiram knelt and took and obligation.

The last two lines sum up how Freemasonry and Opportunity work together for me. God
knows why I knelt and took my obligations. I didn’t know then, but 30 years has passed
and now I know. Freemasonry has given me the Opportunity to become what am to be.

Without fear, I can now walk forward, not alone any more. Not alone any more.

Good Night my Brothers. Ponder what you will do with this gift!

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