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The Grand Lodge of New Jersey has taken an initiative to promote and advance Masonic education through the Society of King Solomon. Thís free of charge educational program, is open to all Master Masons in good standing in our Grand Jurisdiction and covers a wide variety of educational material that will give the Brother a solid foundation and the appropriate tools to pursue his own path of enlightenment.

The Society of King Solomon curriculum consists of three required parts and a fourth one that is optional but has extra perks:

  • Part 1: Symbolic Masonry:This section will focus on the ritual and symbolism of the three symbolic degrees, whereby the candidate will test his knowledge by sitting for three multiple choice exams, one per degree.
  • Part 2: Masonic Protocol: After a careful study of the “Perfect Ashlar”, the candidate will be quizzed on our Grand Jurisdiction’s Masonic Protocol.
  • Part 3: Constitution and Law: The candidate will review and study the Constitution and Laws of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, and once again, his knowledge will be tested through a multiple- choice exam.

The candidate must score 90% or better on every quiz, in order to successfully pass the requirements to be admitted to the Society of King Solomon as MEMBER and receive a certificate of completion.

  • Part 4: Research and Reflection (Optional): This part of the curriculum encourages the candidate to expand his knowledge and understanding of the Craft and to go into more depth on a topic which particularly interests him. To accomplish this, six areas for further study have been selected. The candidate is encouraged to select one topic from:
    • A- The History of Freemasonry
    • B- Symbolism and Allegory in Freemasonry
    • C- The Development of Masonic Ritual
    • D- New Jersey Freemasonry
    • E- Esoteric Freemasonry
    • F- Masonic Controversies and Conspiracies

After selecting one topic of choice, the Society of King Solomon’s advisory board will recommend two to three books on that particular topic for the candidate to study. The candidate will then address specific questions related to the reading material that would allow him to research, reflect, and share his answers by writing an essay on that topic and what he had learned. The candidate is highly encouraged to do his own independent research, beyond just the recommended books provided by the Advisory Board. The essay will reference the reading material and any additional research conducted by the candidate, that will allow him to defend his own position and views on the subject matter.

Upon successful completion of the Fourth Optional Part, the candidate will become a FELLOW of the Society of King Solomon and will be recognized by the Grand Master with a jewel that he can proudly wear in any Blue Lodge and to any Grand Lodge function, distinguishing him from other members of the Society and recognizing his extra effort and zeal. He will also receive a certificate indicating his Fellowship Status.

The Society of King Solomon curriculum is administered by an Advisory Board that consists of:

  • R.W. Mohamad A. Yatim, Grand Education Officer and Chairman
  • R.W. Keith Herman
  • R.W. Barry Kornspan
  • R.W. Michael Neuberger
  • R.W. Piers Vaughan

Any questions can be directed to R.W. Mohamad Yatim, GEO at

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